Role of Coffee on Attaining Exercising Goals

We all love coffee for its warmth and its ability to energize us, but the truth is coffee is actually good for your health in more ways. Research indicates that coffee has amazing health benefits. One of the amazing health benefits of coffee is helping you attain an effective workout.

Among the major functions of coffee, increasing alertness ranks top. Alertness is one of the great requirements for improved performance when performing physical activity. This is because alertness helps an individual increase the intensity and vigor of exercises with minimum pain and fatigue.

How is this done? Well here is how.

Coffee helps in burning fats

One of the major objectives of any fitness challenge is burning fats. When you drink a cup of coffee before exercising, it causes the body utilize fat cells instead of fuel source glycogen. By utilizing the fat instead of fuel, the body muscle enables you to lose the fat belly and reveal the amazing Abs.

Further, the high caffeine content in your coffee helps you to increase the metabolism rate, thus enabling you to burn more calories in a day. Remember, to lose weight, you must burn more calories than you are taking,.

However, this doesn’t give you the green-light to over-indulge, drink coffee and stay in shape. It simply means that if you have a good cheat meal in the course of the week, and drink coffee, the effect will be inconsequential due to high metabolism rate and caffeine fat burning ability of coffee.

Increases performance

One unique feature of coffee is its ability to influence the central nervous system, the heart, and your brain. All these organs affect your ability to push yourself harder and for longer during your workout.

Also, coffee stimulates the brain to release a feel-good hormone called dopamine. The hormone enhances your mood thus making you enjoy the workout even when you are tired, panting and sweating. When you enjoy the workout, you are likely to push yourself harder, right?

Preserves the body muscles

The body muscle is subjected to waste daily, especially as we continue to age. Research indicates that coffee promotes the release of human growth hormones which are responsible for preservation and maintenance of body muscles.

Loss of body muscles has negative implications in your body including; pre-mature aging decreased body tone and slowed fat burning ability among others. Thus, by helping in maintaining the muscles, coffee helps you to offset the age-related atrophy, thus maintaining a youthful look.

What is the best time to drink coffee?

The ideal time to drink coffee before a workout depends on many factors. However, experts recommend that for best results in the morning, drink your coffee 30 minutes before the work-out. This is because coffee takes 15 to 45 minutes before getting the stimulatory effect and reaches an optimum level within 30 to 75 minutes.

For someone exercising in the afternoon or evening, the best time to drink coffee depends on several factors like age, sex, weight, and body tolerance. Remember, different people react to caffeine differently.

Coffee can stay in the human body up to 6 hours after drinking, hence imagine the effect it can have on your sleeping pattern if you drink it at 7 pm considering you have a low tolerance to coffee, which is when I usually get my writing done.

Which is the best coffee to drink?

Truth is, there is no ideal coffee for everyone. Remember that different kinds of coffee contain different caffeine levels. For instance, light roasted coffee is known to have a higher caffeine content as compared to dark roasted coffee.

So, start with coffee containing less caffeine and see how your body responds. If you don’t get trouble sleeping at night after taking it, then you can upgrade to high caffeine content coffee.